Instagram for your marketing strategy in 2019

Platform updates

Instagram has launched and is testing multiple new solutions to help businesses in different industries reach their audience.

Is your target audience on Instagram?

As of 2019, 1 Billion people use IG monthly (monthly active users or MAUs) and 500 million do so daily. Instagram is second only to Facebook and YouTube.
Quick stats:

New Instagram Features & Capabilities

Paid media options have exploded over the last 2-3 years, from having to buy media through the app on a cell phone to an integrated Facebook Ad solution with the same targeting capabilities.

Developing Audiences & Targeting

The most important factor is the initial research and ongoing developing of audience cohorts.

For example, when reaching travelers, we recently identified 4 frequent traveler subsegments that allowed a client to define their content & paid social strategy with these audiences in mind vs just targeting travelers in general.

For a recipes client, we started by developing subsegments based on their behaviors and identified behaviors and interests that informed our ads, generating 80% ROI.

Instagram for Publishers

Instagram has been growing as an option for traffic generation through IG stories. In our content and digital transformation work for publisher clients, we have seen a big rise in performance, but it requires more ongoing optimization and testing than Facebook, which natively allows sharing articles.

Some Key elements for a successful Instagram Strategy




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