Unlock your brand's full potential with our dedicated paid media agency services. Our data driven optimization is tailored to your unique business goals, ensuring not just traffic but high-quality conversions that drive sustainable growth.

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Our Core Beliefs


We are not beholden to corporate media companies priorities and overhead. We design plans based on data, leveraging unique features and best practices of each algorithm, with transparent pricing that aligns our and our clients’ interests.


Real-time optimization performed by experienced and constantly trained media optimization specialists that work hand in hand with our clients to avoid wasting a single cent in a channel that isn’t driving towards our ultimate goals.


Agile creative team that understands digital formats and ad optimization. We work with your creative team, or agency to optimize turnaround and results, or onboard our experienced creative ads team to bring your brand to life. We then use AI (Chat GPT-4 Midjourney, etc) to generate and test alternative copies and creatives.


Real-time dashboards, daily KPI monitoring, and weekly & monthly deep dive including actionable insights and next steps, complemented with our PhD Data Scientist’s ad-hoc data analysis.


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Marketing Director


"InPulse went above and beyond, delivering not just an estimate but a complete concept and a tag line in our first meeting."

Chief Marketing Officer


"The launch planned and executed by our paid media agency was so successful that it was presented to the company's board."

Director of Growth & User Acquisition

Paramount +

"InPulse Digital produced high-quality deliverables that led to strong engagement. They created excellent creative that were adopted by the international branches of the organization."

Head of Marketing

Food Network

We are proud to partner with world-class leading brands in music, sports, entertainment, fintech, consumer, travel, and lifestyle.

Our media planning
and optimization process

Our Starting Point Icon

Our Starting Point

It all begins with grasping our clients business and paid media objectives as we firmly believe that having clear goals sets the groundwork for a successful campaign.

Research Time Icon

Research Time

Next we deep dive into research on the audience and industry to identify the most efficient and effective strategies for reaching your target audience.

The Master Plan Icon

The Master Plan

Once we identify a strategic opportunity to find the audience and the ideal media mix for the brand and objectives, we create a media plan.

Just Getting Started Icon

Just Getting Started

We closely monitor the results to ensure we're heading in the right direction. Each insight gained becomes a resource that helps us continuously learn and optimize our approach to achieve increasing results.


We develop insight-driven tailored media strategies, from media mix selection to budgeting according to your goals and needs, from brand awareness to performance or full funnel.

Targeting Strategy

As a native, digital-first paid media agency we use our proprietary methodology to analyze thousands of social audience data points to identify key segments and to develop audience profiles and insights within each platform. We use social media first party data as well as social listening and benchmark analysis from tools such as Brandwatch and CrowdTangle.

Performance Marketing

From lead generation to e-commerce sales, we leverage the power of data insight, a/b testing and KPIs optimization to deliver campaigns that convert.

Search &

We perform in depth keyword research and paid search strategy to bring your brand and related high-intent terms to the top of Search Engines like Google and Bing.

Programmatic Media

Access multi sourced premium data inventory and make the most of display and contextual advertising tapping into the power of specialized media buying platforms. Not all Programmatic inventory is equal, and it is often difficult to distinguish between good and bad or low quality and high quality. As your agent, we partner with recognized third party vendors to minimize waste.

Media Innovation

Innovation may look different for every client: 1) new AI solutions from both partners allow us to reduce times, create variations, and run AI optimization. 2) and vendors as well as via creative media partnerships based on your audience and product. Examples: Mobile in-game rewards, Uber location ads, Twitch, Spotify Podcasts, Booking.com, Tinder, etc.


Over the last 15 years we have run thousands of Paid Social campaigns. We are Meta, Pinterest and TikTok partners, with a direct line of support and lines of credit. We tap into the ever-evolving paid media best practices to maximize performance within each platform by constantly training our team and maintaining a results-oriented culture of innovation.

Data Integration & Media Ops

Connect data sources to dashboards and tools, analyzing trends, correlations, and KPI performance using integrated insights from different platforms.

Connected TV (CTV)

We create customized Connected TV campaigns that utilize technology, AI, and insights to effectively communicate with your target audience. Our approach combines creativity, strategy and real time optimization to deliver brand experiences that generate a significant return, on your investment.

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Harnessing partnerships with Google, Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest, we streamline your media buying journey. Leveraging industry-leading tools like GWI, SemRush, Brandwatch, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Looker Studio, we offer data-rich insights and competitive analysis. With Meta's user data and Google's advanced AI, we deliver a nuanced audience understanding. Dive real-time into performance with our dashboards powered by ChatGPT and Looker Studio, covering Paid Social Media and Digital Advertising platforms. Our mission? Propel your brand to new heights through data-driven strategies and unwavering support in this evolving marketing landscape.

We are a strategy-driven, digital-first paid media agency in Miami focused on delivering top-notch paid media advertising solutions applying cutting-edge technology and optimization.

Our offer to you: free audit of your advertising agency

Why work with us


We work as part of your team, as a long-term strategic advertising agency partner, with the success of your business or project as our compass.


As a paid social and digital media agency we have been targeting, engaging and converting Millennial and Gen Z multicultural audiences into customers for the past 15 years.


Designed for transparent & seamless processes without silos to produce consistent and scalable results that meet evolving needs.


Our 80+ people strong multicultural, multinational team of digital natives is unified by our CEO’s startup culture of data-driven strategy and dedication to our client’s business growth.

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