How to generate real Social Media experiences


Through Social media strategy, a 35-year old character is back in the lives of girls and moms alike.

The Strategy

For the past year, I’ve had the luck and privilege of working in the Social Media strategy as community manager for Strawberry Shortcake in the Hispanic market. This character was with me all through my childhood and that of many kids for decades. The work began in 2014, when at InPulse Digital Marketing Agency Miami we began applying our next-level social media concept to the client’s channels, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. After 6 months of work, we got back some great results. As the kickoff point for the online strategy, we implemented several contests to create real social media experiences, generate more interaction, and give back to the little fans for all the love they show. On a daily basis, pictures and loving messages fill Strawberry Shortcake’s inbox. On average, more than 5,000 girls and their parents play the games, play the videos we share (74% from mobile devices), an over 222k fans join the conversation about SSC’s clothes, read messages of love and friendship, mothers dust off their old toys and dress their girls especially for the pictures – while sharing unique moments-  , girls who pick up a pencil to draw the character. That is how we reached 25 million users.

The contest

A few weeks ago we ran a contest which gave me great joy beyond the usual work environment. Suddenly, in a Facebook page that reaches over 25 million, a single message caught my attention. A grandma told us about her 3-year-old granddaughter who was having serious health issues. The girl loves Strawberry Shortcake, does not miss an episode and even has her room painted with the character. Why am I telling this story? It is important for us to realize that we are not creating a character’s social media channels, but we are creating a real bond with many boys, girls, mothers, and grandmas who not only love the character, but make it a part of their lives. Every day I get beautiful stories involving these girls, their moms, and Strawberry Shortcake, and it is not with every client that we get to have such an impact. That is why I love what I do. Besides generating success cases in social media, making kids happy, and in the case of this little girl, someone who really needs to smile, is incredibly rewarding.

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