Frutillita: Connect with parents to engage kids


Getting kid’s attention is easy when you have the attractive and appealing content. A year ago, InPulse Digital was chosen to improve Frutillita online presence. This is a new version of the 90’s classic. The initial goal was to boost the brand identity among children through their parents, seeing that they are the ones that select their kids products. The digital agency’s strategic plan began by splitting social networks in two due the multicultural audience who watch the show: Frutillita for the southern part of Latin America and Rosita/Fresita for the northern part. The job was focused on creating a new website with different languages and next level social media management. Specific content for the kids was created for the YouTube channel, as well as interactive and educational posts on Facebook: Apps, videos and memes.

Results came in after three months of work: Frutillita’s Facebook users grew 47K new page likes and Rosita/Fresita 74k; on YouTube there were 30k views. The most important thing after all, is the gratification of seeing the kids happy with the job we do, for example, we created a contest with the chance to win a Frutillita backpack. 5700 participated through a landing page that was promoted on Frutillita’s social networks.

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