4 steps to an effective social media strategy


The Hispanic social media agency’s own method for online success

At InPulse Digital, the Miami-based digital marketing agency, we use our Next level Social media process to create successful digital strategies.


A recurring comment when working with clients is we get their brand. This does not happen by chance, we start by understanding not only the brand, but how consumers interact or think about the brand in the digital/social space. We do this by combining research with digital expertise. A brand, consumer and competition research combined with the brand objectives is what allows us to understand where the opportunity of a differential communication lies. Finding the brand's voice and strategy is what makes a difference. In our (biased) view, anyone can reach ten million people with enough budget, but only the right strategy can connect with the audience.


The second level is about reach: growing the number of people that we can connect with. For example, during 2014, InPulse Digital we planned and executed an organic social media strategy for the regional Mexican star, Marco Antonio Solis, aimed to the fan’s growth. Our efforts resulted in 8.3 MM new fans between January and October, reaching a total of 14 MM fans. In this case there was no media purchase involved, but as Facebook changes its algorithm, think of Facebook as a media company; you need a media budget to expand your reach.


The third level is getting the new audience to engage. Just expanding your Reach (growth) will not create a loyal customer or brand advocate. We need to generate a conversation by offering what consumers of a particular brand are looking for. For example, in Canal Sony, we focused on creative content for the social media followers in all of Latin America. Interaction on Facebook grew more than 2400% in one single year, going from 1,200 people interacting to 30,000 while the Twitter account grew by 533%.

Cocarda_4 MONETIZE:

The final (and sometimes elusive) of the Next Level Social Media strategy is about generating revenue. The  levels above are essential to achieving the objectives. At InPulse, we have helped brands like Strawberry Shortcake to generate awareness of their content, apps, products and partnerships with brands such as Netflix, Google Play, Bandai, Burger King and Discovery Kids. We have helped position Mexican soccer veteran Rafa Márquez to become the face for Gillette, Samsung, Honda, Sura and Verizon.

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