In support of artists during the pandemic, YouTube releases new Analytics features.


With these latest changes, YouTube is looking to provide artists with a more accurate scenario of their songs and the real volume of views. 

Here are the new features and pros that you need to know to start improving your strategies:

1) Track the views of your songs across all YouTube

This is a major feature that will allow labels, management, and artists to have a much better understanding of how their music is consumed. Fans create tons of user-generated content on YouTube using their favorite artist’s music, but artists don’t have a clear picture of this. YouTube has had this information for a while and is now making it available to all Official Artist Channels. YouTube announced that “its top 1,000 artists get over 20% of their chart-eligible views from user-generated videos, including fan-created lyric videos, covers, dance videos, and more.”

YouTube is now reporting the views of the official channel but also the ones generated on videos where artist’s songs appear.

2) See insights from the videos of other creators 

Artists will now have access to the metrics of creators’ that use their songs. This will allow management and marketers to identify both new audiences and influencers that are already uploading UGC videos and generating views.

3) Song-level data analytics

As marketers we sometimes complain about the lack of overall channel data that YouTube provides, but song-level data is usually not an issue. In addition to seeing all the views and insights of creators that make content using your music, you can now also filter the results by song, making it easier to find trends or challenges generated by fans, as well as monitoring the results of videos created by paid influencers, campaigns, or partnerships.

4) Everything will fit inside your pocket

The new YouTube Analytics for Artists is available from any mobile device from the YouTube app. Now you can track in real-time the performance of the other content-creators related to your artists.

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