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How do you make a band win a Facebook contest? Colombian rock band 69 Nombres wanted to win Smirnoff’s “Bands Live at Nest” contest and at InPulse Digital we said: Let’s go for it! For a month, 8 local bands competed in the “Bands Live at Nest” Smirnoff App, for the grand prize of US$ 5,500 and the logistic support for their music video from a whole network of music producers. Our team’s efforts were centered on a highly focused strategic Facebook Ads campaign. The goal was to give the band maximum exposure, focusing on the audience with the highest potential for sharing the contents on the Facebook Page. Similar bands were also taken into consideration after an in-depth analysis of the client’s target audience. In just 2 weeks of campaign, the 69 Nombres brand had over 16 million impressions on Facebook, had over 36 thousand ad interactions between comments, likes and shares, and 2550 new fans were added to their official Facebook Page These promising numbers earned 69 Nombres the 1st place in the competition, and a once in a lifetime opportunity in the music business.

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