Wematch, leader in sports business, gets InPulse Digital to help sell Copa America Centenario 2016.


More and more, brands are looking to become a part of people’s experiences, and soccer is one of them. 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Copa America, and a special edition will be held in the US, with national teams from the Americas will battle to see who is the best. The US is a market with steady growth as far a soccer is concerned, with 25 million active players, including major stars like Kaká and David Villa, over 90 million fans, and 21.6 million viewers, making it more popular than basketball and baseball. Last soccer World Cup had over 296 million viewers. Within the Copa America structure are the leaders in sports business Wematch, a merger of three major companies in the business: Traffic, Full Play , and Torneos. Wematch hired InPulse Digital Marketing Agency Miami to expand it licensing and commercial reach and relationship with brands. As a first stage, a promotional landing page  was created with all the necessary information to create leads of brands who are interested in taking advantage of the event in different formats. The main attraction is in the repercussion of the tournament, for which an attendance of 2 million is expected in over 10 venues in major markets all over the US. In order to establish direct contact with the people behind the brands, a Wematch Linkedin page was created to post relevant updates on the event, and in which special attention will be given to each interaction.

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