Top 50 Latin Music Stars in Social Media


Over the past decade, Latin music has transcended borders, becoming an unstoppable force, in the global music industry. From catchy rhythms to heartfelt ballads, these melodies have not just captivated Spanish-speaking audiences, but have also won over listeners worldwide. A clear indicator of this phenomenon is the rise of stars on social media, where their interactions, followers and views are counted in the millions. In this article, we'll delve into the "Top 50 Latin Music Stars on Social Media,"  introducing the artists who through their talent and charm are leading a revolution and positioning Latin music at the center of global pop culture.

In recent years, Latin music has not only taken over the charts in Spanish-speaking countries but has also made a significant impact on the global music scene. The year 2022 was no exception. Leading the pack was Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican sensation known for his eclectic blend of reggaeton, trap, and other genres. His tracks, known for their beats and meaningful lyrics have become anthems for people around the world solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the global music industry.

Karol G and Rauw Alejandro followed closely behind, both bringing their own unique style and flair to the scene. Karol G, with her powerful voice and unapologetic attitude, has become a symbol of empowerment for many of her listeners. On the hand, Rauw Alejandro, offers a captivating blend of reggaeton and R&B that mesmerizes audiences with his voice and magnetic performances. These artists influence goes beyond their music; they serve as ambassadors who bridge the gap between Latin America and the rest of the world while inspiring millions, with stories of resilience, identity and passion.

However, it's not just reggaeton and urban genres making waves. Regional Mexican music has also experienced a revival, with artists blending traditional sounds with contemporary influences, creating a fusion that appeals to a range of listeners regardless of age. The growing popularity of this genre demonstrates the captivating nature of music which resonates with people, from various backgrounds and walks of life.

All of the performers who have made it on the Top 50 list are worthy of the recognition. All of them, have earned a right to be there; through passion, strong opinions on humanitarian issues and words of encouragement towards their fans. If they continue with a well-balanced presence on Social Media, their influence will certainly grow in the short term. Making themselves more available to their audience will prove invaluable to generate a true bond their followers.

The power they hold with a simple post or a tweet is just unparalleled. Marketers of all organizations should take a closer look at what these role models are doing, how they are doing it, and even look to associate with them.

Check out the Top 50 Latin Music Stars in Social Media.

Rank Artist Nationality FB Fans  TW Followers    IG Followers  
1 Bad Bunny Puerto Rico 14M 4.9M 46.1M
2 Karol G Colombia 29M 10.4M 66.3M
3 Rauw Alejandro Puerto Rico 8.7M - 18.9M
4 Eslabon Armado Estados Unidos 1M 20.3K 1.8M
5 Farruko Puerto Rico 22M 5.1M 22.5M
6 Jhayco Puerto Rico 3.1M 1.2M 5.3M
7 Anuel AA Puerto Rico 7.9M 2.5M 37.4M
8 Romeo Santos Hispanic - American 38M 4.8M 22M
9 Ivan Cornejo Hispanic - American - - 1.6M
10 Daddy Yankee Puerto Rico 30M 16.9M 48.7M
11 Chencho Corleone Puerto Rico 2.4M 29.5K 3.1M
12 J Balvin Colombia 26M 10.7M 51.5M
13 Ozuna Puerto Rico 12M 2.6M 23.2M
14 Rosalía Spain 3.6M 4.8M 28M
15 Becky G Hispanic - American 19M 4.4M 37.8M
16 Aventura Hispanic - American 19M 1.3M 509K
17 Junior H Mexico 1.8M 114.7K 7M
18 Selena Mexico 5.8M 126.3K
19 Sebastian Yatra Colombia 13M 2.4M 29.9M
20 Calibre 50 Mexico 103K 93.2K 2.2M
21 Kali Uchis Hispanic - American 729K 1.2M 5.9M
22 Fuerza Regida Hispanic - American 149K 95.9K 4.7M
23 Christian Nodal Mexico 9.4M - 9.8M
24 Maluma Colombia 25M 8.5M 63.4M
25 Yahritza y Su Esencia Hispanic - American 1.1M 8.4K 717K
26 Myke Towers Puerto Rico 4.6M 1.3M 11.5M
27 Eladio Carrion Hispanic - American 1.3M M 6.7M
28 Grupo Firme Mexico 12M 91.1K 5.8M
29 Feid Colombia 1.M 12.M 12.4M
30 Enrique Iglesias Spain 49M 13.5M 18.6M
31 Carin Leon Mexico 8.1M 32.7K 3.7M
32 Bomba Estereo Colombia 885K 228.3K 465K
33 Vicente Fernandez Mexico 14M 1M 2.7M
34 Mora Puerto Rico - 840.4K 3.2M
35 Anitta Brazil 16M 19.4M 64.8M
36 El Alfa República Dominicana 1M 112.8K 11.5M
37 Maná Mexico 17M 2.6M 1.9M
38 Los Gemelos de Sinaloa Mexico 271K - 540K
39 Manuel Turizo Colombia 5.3M 348.2K 14.3M
40 Grupo Marca Registrada Mexico 167K - 1.8M
41 Nio Garcia Puerto Rico 1.5M 301.4K 3.2M
42 Luis Fonsi Puerto Rico 16M 9.7M 14.3M
43 Natalia Lafourcade Mexico 3.3M 1.9M 2.2M
44 Tony Dize Hispanic - American 8M 14.5K 178K
45 Edén Muñoz Mexico 5M 27.8K 4M
46 Los Lara Mexico 448K - 22K
47 Marc Anthony Puerto Rico 18M 11.1M 13.2M
48 Carlos Vives Colombia 6.2M 5.2M 7.8M
49 Shakira Colombia 124M 53.8M 83.9M
50 Camilo Colombia 18M 1.7M 282.2M

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