The online grocery store now has added value: for the off-life


As a true part of their community, our clients at are always talking about providing their customers with the easiest way to do their groceries online to save money and time to spend on the more important things in life. That’s why the NY supermarket asked us to take that concept to the next level by creating a blog packed with ideas on how to spend the hours customers would save by not going to the supermarket. These “Ideas for the Off-life”, as we call them, include easy recipes, outdoor picks, stay-at-home activities, free (or almost free) concerts and shows, and other local activities. All the original contents are being generated by the digital agency’s team, according to the client’s guidelines and ideals, and feature unique input from local connoisseurs. Every week, we suggest new things to do according to season, time of year, holidays, etc, and distribute the blog posts through TEM’s social networks. We never lose sight of the fact that New York is vibrant and ever-changing, constantly offering new experiences for those willing to be surprised. It’s always a nice challenge for us when a client wants to step out of his comfort zone and try something new, and in a time when we often hear that “Content is king” in digital marketing, InPulse Digital is creating those contents that will set our clients apart from the pack.

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