Success Case: Chino & Nacho’s “Supremo” is a hit among online fans in the US and Latin America


In less than two months, the online campaign for the release of the Venezuelan duo’s sophomore album “Supremo” got over 70,000 views to its main landing page, with about 65% of those views coming from the US, a new market for the artists. The concept was to allow Chino & Nacho’s fans to listen to every song on the album before its release in an interactive Landing Page which allowed them to “Like”, Share, Tweet and comment on their favorite tracks. Fans felt engaged and showed their support in droves. On top of the 60,000 plus unique views from fans who wanted to listen to the new album, the landing page received 4,600 “Likes”, 570 Tweets, 530 Shares and almost 300 comments. After being given the chance to listen to the whole album for free, the fans showed their appreciation for the action and the album itself with almost 6300 clicks to pre-order and order the album on iTunes from the landing page alone. Check out Chino & Nacho’s new album “Supremo” at:

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