Rafa Márquez scores a big goal and 10 thousand new followers


The Mexican national team has secured its place in the round of 16, thanks to a great performance which included a goal from InPulse Digital client, Rafa Márquez. On top of what he did on the pitch, our efforts helped the Kaiser get 10thousand new followers on Twitter in just two hours! Always keeping the focus on making the most out of every situation for our clients, and being fully aware of the importance of acting in real-time, we launched several simple assets before the game was even over, and kept the conversation flowing throughout his social media channels with our dedicated community management team. These actions were coupled with the app we launched before the Brazil World Cup started, in which fans have to guess how much Rafa will run during each match. This type of success reflects on the great performance this veteran star is having in his fourth world cup appearance, and on the work out team is doing to complement what he does on the pitch, online.

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