New! SportsOhSports


A new dynamic, effective and measurable service that creates, manages, moderates, and monetizes sports-related social media presence.

InPulse Digital has teamed up with LatinVision Media to launch an online service that will make sport brands and athletes an online celebrity. SportsOhSports creates social media presence, implements interactive websites along with strong SEO campaigns, online advertising campaigns, and develop specific marketing actions to build a direct bond with fans.

SportsOhSports turns sports fans into passionate online followers targeting specific audiences with the newest online tools and expert´s knowledge w ith more than 10 years of experience in online marketing.

We implemented success cases like Mexican soccer player Rafa Marquez, who after partnering with the company reached 870K Facebook fans, 240K Twitter followers, new partnership opportunities, coverage from news outlets mentioning him on social media, and a closer relationship with his fans.

SportsOhSports is growing as a one-of-a-kind service in the industry and every sport-related brand or marketer should consider its experience when navigating the digital arena.

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