Mexico’s Rafa Marquez draws a winning play for his fans


The former Barcelona FC player is on a roll. He’s back on Mexico’s national team and he’s getting massive support from his fans, who recently broke the 1 Million follower mark on Facebook with the help of the InPulse Digital team. To celebrate, we proposed a special idea to help him bond with his fans and thank them for the support. What could be better than have them share the thing that brings Rafa and his fans together: a soccer ball?” We came up with the idea of building a virtual play where Rafa would kick start things with a short video showing off some moves and passing the ball so fans could receive the pass in their own video and show their own skills before passing on the ball to the next fan. Since fans don’t have the chance to win a Champions League, Rafa put up an equally enticing prize, a Playstation Portable + FIFA 14 pack! Over 34,000 soccer (football) enthusiasts visited the App and 85 of them were brave enough to let the whole world see what they´ve got. The result was a pretty awesome video, and a deeper bond between Rafa Marquez and his followers. Check out the video here:

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