Instagram Ads: The potential behind the most engaging social media network of them all.


The social media network that is part of the Facebook Group, now allows all users to post ads. It’s a new resource that brings new possibilities to digital marketing but will require a high creativity level to use it.

Instagram is the starring social media network of the moment, showing that not only is growing its volume but also doing it at the speed of light. According to new statistics from Pew Research Center, Instagram users have doubled since 2012: Almost 30% of internet users are also using it. Other studies show that Instagram generates more engagement than any other social media network: 15 times more than Facebook and 20 more than Twitter. Tuning with this positive scenario, Instagram began to offer the possibility of posting ads since last month. These are great news for digital marketing, because this network gives you the chance to target your ads to a specific audience thanks to Facebook data and technology. So far Instagram ads can be managed through the Power Editor and are divided in three categories: clicks to website, mobile app installs and video views. According to an estimation made by eMarketer, Instagram could end the year 2015 by gathering around 595 million dollars from mobile ads around the world. By 2017 it is predicted that this number rises to 2,810 million dollars. This future fivefold increase due to mobile ads will surpass Google and Twitter in this field in the United States. This shows that if you want to promote your brand, the implementation of Instagram ads is certainly the way to go. Those who post ads on Instagram will face a “creativity challenge”. With so many instagrammers using ads already creativity plays a very important role. As the journalist Chris Welch mentioned in The Verge page, a certain degree of laziness has been spotted in the design of some of the ads already.

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