InPulse at Natpe 2015: the TV reinvents itself and spreads everywhere


InPulse was at NATPE 2015, one of the most important events in the TV and broadcasting industry, which took place in Miami. Gathered there, were heavyweight production companies, cable channels, and online platforms, to discuss the future: the industry is no longer the same, and these are some of the changes. TV Everywhere Netflix’s success post-transformation from online rental to content streaming site, got a quick reaction from traditional channels like HBO, NBC, and BBC, who got on board the TV Everywhere model, offering their contents for streaming viewing. An essential tool in the evolution of TV is social media. The ability to continue telling a story beyond the programming schedule is priceless. Fan of a TV show today, demand exclusive content like new episode previews. Research and insight measurement are also key to know and understand the consumer for which the content will be created, and how to keep him/her connected to the show. Avoiding a Crisis Because of how fast information travels today, knowing how to handle a crisis, like what happened with the Sony hack recently, is vital. At InPulse, we have dealt directly with fan complaints and problems directly associated with the attack, as well as audience un happy with show scheduling of language. What is important is to be ready to react to any issue that may negatively affect the client, or any situation that can be used to its advantage. Social TV Social TV is another one of the strongest trends in the industry. The Brazil 2014 World Cup proved it, and so do award ceremonies and TV premieres: people are commenting on social media while the consume these contents. That is why communicating what is going on in real-time is one of the best ways to stay close to the audience, giving it the exclusive insight that generates a conversation and keeps it connected to the brand.

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