InPulse Digital helps indie-rockers NTVG conquer new markets

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After their success in the neighboring Argentinean market, Uruguayans No Te Va Gustar and growing indie label PopArt, set out to expand into other Latin American markets, with the release of the studio album “Por Lo Menos Hoy”. The band and management relied on InPulse Digital, as the leader in hispanic social media, to complement the label’s offline work. The aggressive multi-level campaign yielded almost instant results: In just over two months the band experienced a 400%+ growth in Facebook fans, unprecedented online sales for the new album, 2 concert webcasts viewed by thousands, and a sold-out tour throughout Spain, promoted with online advertising. NTVG’s story is clear proof that in today’s ever-shifting business scheme, online marketing is as powerful a tool as any, not only for major artists, but for any artist with a clear goal.

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