InPulse Digital and Marco Antonio Solís in a new success story

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His new album debuted at #1 on Billboard and, with a strong online campaign by the label and InPulse Digital, got remarkable online sales for the genre. It’s no surprise that Marco Antonio Solis’ new album is a success, or that his fans sell-out every one of his concerts in every country he performs. After all, we’re talking about an artist with an outstanding career, with over 20 albums under his belt and countless awards on the shelf, but with the release of “En Total Plenitud”, the artist, helped by an online campaign by the label which was implemented by InPulse Digital, had new reasons to celebrate. On top of his debut at #1 in the prestigious Billboard Latin Chart, and becoming the artist with more top spots in the chart’s history with 10, Billboard highlighted the importance of online sales in the album’s success. “10% of the sales came from digital downloads of the album, which is a rarity for an artist whose fan-base is Regional Mexican”, said the magazine. The label and the digital agency sought this new niche for an artist with such a consolidated fan-base, through an intense promotion and grassroots campaign which was focused, not only on the release of the album, but also on positioning the Marco Antonio Solís brand on the web. The goal was to connect the singer with a potential online audience, generating interaction, for which InPulse Digital developed an original Facebook App and an intense online campaign which included a highly successful videochat and a splash page for the release of the first video. On top of the stunning online sales, the campaign also increased the number of Marco Antonio Fans on Facebook by six times in six months, growing up to 24% in a day and getting interaction peaks of 2300 daily “likes”.

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