How to improve your business using WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the online instant messaging application (recently acquired by Facebook) for mobile devices that has revolutionized the way we communicate with colleagues and friends. Today, the app has more than one billion active monthly users, 42 billion messages sent per day, and is available in 53 languages. This powerful application allows video, audio, image, and text messages all through the internet. With more than 250 million daily shared videos, WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging application.

5 ways to use WhatsApp for your business

1) Team Communication

WhatsApp works when there is an internet connection, which saves costs when it comes to contact a team member who is not in the office. With WhatsApp, communication is instantaneous and it is possible to even create groups to interact and share business updates, regardless of the location of the other team members.

2) Client communication

Imagine the following situation: you sent an important email to the client, (or potential client) but you have not received an answer. What’s the solution? You have two traditional possibilities: first you call the office or send an email to your client in a formal tone, or instead of the above, you send a message via WhatsApp and ask for the status of what you’ve sent. This last option will guarantee you a faster response.

3) Customer service

What better tool to serve your customers than the one that everyone is using? Your client will prefer to send a message through this app than to call your customer service number or to contact you via email. For example, NowFloats is already using WhatsApp for this purpose. Keep in mind that using WhatsApp to serve customers is not the best choice for all types of businesses, especially for those who would receive hundreds of messages daily. Therefore, it is recommended to be implemented in smaller businesses.

4) Marketing for your business

WhatsApp has the potential to be an important marketing tool. It is an excellent channel to keep in touch with your customers on a more personal level. This messaging app allows you to send short messages: from images to video and audio files related to your products. This does not mean you have to send spam to your customers via WhatsApp. Ideally you should use this tool to communicate with customers who are loyal to your brand and not to focus on finding new ones through this platform. If you need to get good answers then you have to get creative.

For example, Colgate asked its customers to send a selfie with a smile to a WhatsApp number that was included in the package of the toothpaste. The benefit was the chance to win a complete makeover by the personal stylist of the brand ambassador. Keep in mind that more and more businesses are using WhatsApp to announce new offers and send congratulations to the most loyal customers.

5) Booking

There are already businesses worldwide that use this application to make reservations. For example, there are restaurants that take your order or make a reservation with just a WhatsApp message. You can also contact stylists, spas, or even bakeries and plenty of other services that receive reservations using this app.

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