How to do Social Media for NPO: Corazón de Vida


InPulse supports NPO Corazón de Vida’s

During the upcoming months we will be supporting the digital and social media strategy for the NPO, Corazón de Vida. Located in Baja California, the organization works with orphans or underprivileged children, providing a home and education. For this Project, the US Hispanic Digital Agency will work on the release and media support for a donations campaign, based on a influencer strategy to viralize the informative video. At InPulse we are committed to helping in good causes, and this is not our first experience. In 2013, we helped a father reunite with his 10-year-old son. The campaign, which helped build a community of 12,000, lasted for a year and luckily had a happy ending. Between 2010 and 2014, we also worked to support Reaching U’s mission to give underprivileged children in Uruguay, an education. We are very glad to put our expertise in digital communication strategies to help different causes and organizations in Latin America and the US. We will keep working hard to make sure the results are great.

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