Helping the UNICEF cause with #BabyBuble’s Diary


When celebrities have babies it always makes the news, but it’s not every day that the notoriety gets put to good use. That’s what we thought when Argentine actress/model Luisana Lopilato told us she was having a baby with her husband, Canadian singer Michael Bublé: let´s not only focus on her baby, but children everywhere. With that idea, we joined forces with UNICEF and created “Baby Buble´s Diary”, to raise awareness on the importance of pre-natal and early life nutrition and care for moms and babies. Luisana has a great bond with her 4 million fans, so we created a diary where she could tell them about her experience with #BabyBublé and educate other mothers everywhere. We worked side by side with UNICEF to create useful real-life tips. We helped Luisana with the diary, worked with health specialists at the organization, and backed it with our Social Media and Management teams, to create a dynamic calendar for 3 months. Last but not least, we added a ludic element, using Social Toaster’s sharing platform: fans who registered and shared the contents could win an iPad and other great prizes from Michael Bublé and Luisana herself. We also implemented a targeted email campaign, and online media relation efforts, working closely with UNICEF, to reach the biggest media outlets of Argentina, Latin America, the US and Canada. The results were according to our expectations for the effor we put into this campaign, and for the impact of an online campaign crated and implemented entirely by InPulse: · 20,000 + registers active users · Almost 35,000 shared links · Over 66,000 unique visitors to the Diary · Over 28,000 daily visits #BabyBuble is now home with the happy parents, but you may still visit the Diary at and help the UNICEF cause by visiting

But beyond the cold numbers, nothing gives us more satisfaction tan receiving a message like this at the end of the Project: “I had an amazing experience working on the Unicef project, it was all very neat and organized. You helped me with every detail and gave me great ideas for the action. Great team!” – Luisana Lopilato

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