Helping the Hispanic community make the most out of Obamacare


Healthcare and medical insurance has been a major issue in the US for years and for many, the Affordable Care Act is a major breakthrough in the subject. InPulse Digital has joined Univision’s “Hola Doctor social media team to help inform the Hispanic community about general health issues, and inform them about the Act so they make the educated decision that’s best for them and their families. The digital agency’s comprehensive online plan includes interactive apps, a community management and communication strategy devised to inform about the new law, its implications for the average person, and activities and events held by Hola Doctor’s “Promotoras de Salud” (Health Promoters) in Town Halls, clinics, schools and parks, to help people make an educated decision. To start, we´re launching a countdown tab to October, when the insurance market opens, and live Expert Talks, to help people by clearing doubts and providing information about insurance. All these actions will be complemented with a highly targeted online ad campaign by our certified specialists.

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