#Dressgate: What is successful content in Social Media?


Between Thursday night and Friday morning, chats, offices' water coolers and, especially social media, shared the same trending topic: #TheDress. A simple image of a women’s dress, that ended up not being so "simple" after the Team White/Gold vs Team Black/Blue debate took over, with people changing their usual morning greeting for the question: "What color is this dress?". This confirms that any content that drives user’s creativity to new levels by creating memes, comments, humor, and any other kind of reaction, is successful. There's nothing more basic than a color challenge to open the door to reinventing a message over and over again. Many people won't be able to take the dress off their minds, others will think about what they can do with the image to create something completely new and by that, give the message new life. The brand behind the famous dress is Roman Originals. The scientific results didn't take too long to arrive (http://www.wired.com/2015/02/science-one-agrees-color-dress/). This once again shows- after the Kim Kardashian/Break the internet episode- that not any type of content can become "viral". Many externals factors need to come together to push the content so it can reach a large enough audience to be considered "Viral".

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