Case Study: EMI Music Latin America

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The problem: Need to implement a Digital Marketing / New Media strategy from the ground up in multiple countries and three languages. Solution:

  • InPulse's Web FactoryTM Services and methodology established a set of standards and procedures for the creation of Country Portals, Label Portals and Artist sites. The time to create an Artist site was reduced by over 50%.
  • The standarization of the engines running the different sites and applications allowed for a controlled growth and cost savings by outsourcing all the webmaster and web design work to In-Pulse. Trained Webmasters permanently update the multiple EMI sites through an online request
  • All data and solutions are centrally managed, saving in maintenance and hosting costs.
  • Introduced new products such as Video Streaming, Campaign management, Forums, etc.
  • Solutions are integrated with multiple EMI Music global providers.

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