Billboard Q&A with InStyle Digital Marketing’s Diego Prusky

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On the October 29th issue of Billboard Magazine, the digital agency’s president Diego Prusky talked about its successful campaign for Maná, surviving and blooming during the economic downturn and InPulse Digital work methodology.

“Maná received about 150.000 [page views] on a landing page[…] 50,000 clicks to iTunes [in the] U.S.”, said Prusky regarding InPulse Digital campaign for the release of the group’s latest album “Drama y Luz”.

With economic hardship resulting in major budget cuts all throughout the music industry, the company’s secret for staying on top of the game “is that we can adapt to this new economy with a diverse slate of clients from the U.S. to Latin America. If the pace is slow in one country, we have clients in other parts of the world. We also work with clients outside of music”.

Another key to our continued success is a proven methodology, which gets visible results and keeps clients coming back. “We don’t just point at Facebook or Twitter. Our specialty is understanding social media, communications and the [Search Engine Optimization] process. We look at every project objectively and measure the success.” Read the full story here.

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