A 60% drop in direct traffic: a success story?


After six months working with InPulse Digital, one of our clients was experiencing a 60% drop in direct traffic to its web site. However, analyzing the numbers, users didn’t just fade or stopped visiting. They simply came from some place else: search engines. What did we do? We worked intensively to make this client's site a SEO-friendly portal. The results speak for themselves: the direct traffic from search engines to the site increased a whopping 2,400%, going from a minimal 2% to a healthy 40% in less than six months. Also, traffic from referring sites increased over 200% and page views increased by 370%. The moral of the story? On the internet, there's no magic formula that can be applied to all clients equally. Users behave differently and the trends change with time and the web's new uses. This is why at InPulse we work on each client´s needs, objectives and plan, analyzing results, and seeking a concrete solution so that results improve every day.

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