6 secrets to connect with millennials via social media

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Find out all about the digital marketing strategies that will keep millennials engaged.

1. Sharing is all that matters Millennials were born and raised in a culture where “sharing” is basically everything. According to data provided by eMarketer, almost 90% of Millennials are social media users in comparison to the 76% of the users categorized as generation X and the 59% of the baby boomers. There is one artist that clearly gets the concept: Taylor Swift. The singer took advantage of understanding her fans behavior online and started retwitting other artists that have yet to be discovered. She also leaves comments in several Instagram images of her fans. Besides she is always sharing details or her personal life among her most precious emotions. And let’s face it, all fans fall for that. 2. Understanding millennials values According to Iconoculture happiness, variety, passion and the eager of sharing are Millennials strongest values. Have you heard about PLUR lifestyle? PLUR stands for peace, love, unity and respect, which is a very popular concept among EDM fans. This concept shows us that Millennials are true to their values and that their pacific lifestyle does not leave place for hate. 3. Let’s make this clear: every social network is different. Millenials get this naturally. If you want to share details of your personal life then Instagram is the right network for you. It is also useful in order to share your artistic side. Facebook on the other hand can be used to promote your brand or with other financial ends but still, when it comes to Facebook possibilities are endless (a perfect example is Beyoncé’s fan page). And last but not least Snapchat is the creative star of the moment where videos, pictures, text, emojis and even drawings can get together to create the perfect mix. 4. Open your mind and be authentic According to a recent study made by PEW Research Center, 68% of Millennials support gay marriage, 69% support marijuana legalization and only 36% considers religious. The recent legalization of gay marriage in the United States caused big stars like Miley Cyrus to communicate their support. This was a huge success! And a big part of success is about being authentic. Fans are going to love you if you stay true to yourself, but if you’re trying to be someone else they are going to notice and they will likely reject you.

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