580% increase on a Facebook Page’s “Likes” in 3 months


A few months ago, a long-time music label client of InPulse Digital, asked the digital agency to run a campaign intended to increase the label’s Facebook fan base, and to integrate this concept into future campaigns implemented for their artists. After analyzing the potential audience and the reach of their current fanbase, InPulse Digital team recommended a Sponsored Stories campaign intended to spread viraly through the friends of those who already “Like” their page. The result was close to 4000 clicks on the Sponsored Story in the first month, with a click- to-“Like” conversion ratio of 71%. The second stage was implementing some details into the campaigns for the label’s artists that would residually help get new “Likes” from fans of those artists. Some of the results from these actions turned out to be of great promotional value, not only to the artist, but to the label itself. Highly targeted campaigns for two artist releases which included Facebook Tabs, Ad campaigns, and promotional social posts, resulted in almost 9,000 clicks combined, with click-to-like conversion ratios of 67%. Outstanding numbers for campaigns with a main Call To Action other than liking the Page. In total, all the combined actions between august 12th and November 12th, accounted for almost 16,000 new “Likes” to the Facebook Page. That’s a 580%+ growth rate, taking the page past the 50,000 Fan mark, and counting.

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