5 Core Tips to get the most out of your FB Ads campaign: SGK success case


When the agency of one of the largest non-profit organizations came to us for a boost to their Hispanic Facebook page, we saw an opportunity to connect with Latinas on a personal level. We were able to take the page from a couple hundred to eleven thousand followers and reached thousands more through the 35 million Ad impressions.

As recently presented in LatinVision’s Marketing to Latinas Conference, these are the core concepts we recommend to make your campaign successful:

1. Make it personal. Make them care – When you have a sensitive subject, that’s close to many people’s hearts, use it to draw the user in. The Ad image is critical in this; after all, an image says more than 1000 words. Make compelling statements that the people you want to target can relate to. Make a short, intense statement in the title and follow up in the description with a clear message and call to action. Here’s an ad example from the SGK campaign which aims to touch the emotional fiber within the user.

2. Test, Test, Test … you get the idea – Testing to see what works best is essential for any ad campaign. Each campaign has its uniqueness. What works for some targets, brands, industries may not for others. Have various ads running simultaneously with variations in target and copy to see which ones do best. Check the numbers every day if possible and make changes if needed. Ad performance does not usually remain steady over a long period of time.

3. Look for trending topics, holidays, or major events that you can link to your message to – A lot of times it can be hard and time consuming to figure out ways to make your statements compelling, eye catching. It’s even harder if you try to force specific trending keywords into those very limited characters in the ad, but if you manage to get that combination just right, it will be a winning one. A good way to do this is to link your ads to the topics people are talking about that week, to get their instant attention. Here’s an example of an ad used around International Women’s Day which worked great

4. Give your digital agency flexibility – This was the main factor in our success. The client approving every image and Ad copy wasn’t going to work, so we worked on creating quick small tests with new images and copy, showed the results and got the flexibility we needed. We were able to obtain a 16 fold improvement in performance.

5. Follow the scent – as in SEO and SEM, keeping the ‘scent’ of the campaign along the different steps increases conversions. Make sure that the ad copy and image message flow into the landing Facebook tab. Use a ‘fan-gate’ for the Facebook landing tab. Having a decent budget for an Ad campaign and setting it up properly will only get it displayed to the right person, but it will not make that person give your ad the much desired click. That only comes from experience, knowing your “product” and how to get the audience.

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