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During 2014, InPulse Digital planned and executed a comprehensive organic social media strategy, aimed at fan & engagement growth for the regional Mexican superstar, Marco Antonio Solis. Our efforts resulted in 8.3MM new fans, an engagement of 58MM, and 725MM people reached, with no budget allocated to media spending.

Marco’s empowered fanbase and a to-the-point release strategy were responsible for the huge commercial success of his two year-end surprise singles, with over 72K clicks to buy on iTunes in just a week, with no label support. Strategy: Marco Antonio “El Buki” Solis , has a very strong emotional connection with his fans, who are like an extended family to him. This is a bond that requires nourishing, which is why InPulse Digital decided to stay away from a traditional pushy promotion strategy when planning the digital release of "Navidad Sin Ti" and "La Pirekua Michoacana", and turned the release into an intimate and exclusive event . Execution: On November 19th, we launched an intriguing landing page, aimed at creating buzz around both releases without mentioning them, and growing Marco’s data base. During four days, fans were asked to sign-up on to receive a special surprise from Marco Antonio Solís. The campaign was heavily promoted among his over 14MM fans on social networks and achieved almost 60K email sign-ups – in only 4 days, with minimal ad spending. On the release date, we sent out a surprise email blast to the newly achieved database, announcing the release of both singles and sharing the buylinks to purchase them, which resulted in almost 72K clicks to iTunes in just a week. Results: Phase 1 (January – October 2014): • 8,352,168 new fans • 58,352,347 interactions • total reach of 724,860,950 Phase 2 (November 2014) • 58,444 Email Sign-Ups (November 19th-22nd / 4 days) • 71,269 clicks on iTunes from Facebook only (Prekua, 32,334 clicks; "Navidad Sin Ti", 38, 935 clicks – Nov 23rd – 30th/ 7 days).

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