InPulse makes Facebook’s “Hall of Fame”

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InPulse Digital Marketing submitted three of its latest projects to Facebook Studio’s call for entries. The premise was “inspiration”, and we know that InPulse has lots of it! Here are the three campaigns that are now part of digital history.

Secret Kiss

Focusing on a teenage audience, InPulse reminisced about the old school days when a secret paper message would make young hearts jump high. So why not go digital with the secret message? For the global release of the movie "Lessons for a Kiss", we created a Facebook app called 'Secret Kiss' ('Beso Secreto') that invited fans to send a mysterious kiss to a Facebook friend. This app was strategically released in the month of February, with a strong marketing and communication focus surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Once the person picked one or more friends to send a kiss to, the person who was secretly kissed received a Facebook notification saying "Someone has secretly kissed you. Would you like to find out who it was?" They could choose who the secret kisser was from a list of three of their Facebook friends. If they guessed incorrectly, they got a second chance to find out. Everyone using the app could enter for a chance to win one of 50 “Lessons For a Kiss” free Facebook rentals.

"1987" Spaceship

To promote Uruguayan newcomer CAMPO’s 2013 Grammy nomination for 'Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album', InPulse Digital came up with a creative futuristic Facebook application based on the band’s latest video, “1987”.

The “1987” Spaceship app was InPulse Digital idea to invite people to discover band members, special guests, videos, and this exciting mixture of music styles, by playing around with the different buttons and gears of the spaceship control panel.

The app is spiked with visual effects, and offers the opportunity to share each crew member or genre individually via Facebook, thus creating a viral effect. To attract a new audience, we went creative on Facebook ads, making reference to similar artists, the futuristic aspects of the app, the multi-cultural composition of the band, and more.

Manicam E! Online Latino

For the 'Red Carpet Season 2013' at E! Online Latino, we created a Facebook App that recreated the critically-acclaimed “Manicam”, where artists who are strolling down the red carpet at one of the many events of the season are invited to show off their nail art at a special “hand red-carpet”.

Through this app, E! fans were invited via Facebook event to get their nails done and show their nail art via Instagram using the hashtag #manicam while watching the actual red carpet on TV. The concept was very straightforward: watch the Golden Globes like a true Hollywood star and share your own nail art with us! The top two fans with the 'prettiest' nail art photos received a professional manicure kit.

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