Hispanic social media agency Contributes to SRP’s Quest for Energy Efficiency

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Hispanic social media agency InPulse Digital is collaborating with Salt River Project (SRP) to achieve the company's mission of obtaining energy efficiency.

SRP is United States’ third-largest public power utility and one of Arizona’s largest water suppliers. It serves more than 925,000 electric customers in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. The organization is committed to the environment and the preservation of its natural resources. This is why it offers users a wide range of different energy plans to choose from, according to their specific needs and lifestyle. To aid SRP customers in their decision-making process, InPulse Digital has developed an application based on survey-type questions for users to answer. The combined results of these questions provide users with the SRP energy and price plan that most closely matches their way of life.

Social Media Strategy:

InPulse Digital, now based in Miami, designed an animation, which presents users with a questionnaire based on the number of inhabitants within the household, the preference of bill payment and the frequency and time of heavy water usage. The arid characteristics of Arizona, where SRP and its customers are located, inspired InPulse to design a mini site with the desert as primary leit motive. The interactive agency used Flash to develop the Front End of the animation and .Net to generate the Back End. While users only see the Front End, administrators can access the Back End to keep track of the statistics of suggested energy plans, information about user’s questions as well as invitations they may have extended to fellow peers by clicking the “Send to a friend” link within the Front End. To learn more about Salt River Project's green efforts, please visit srpnet.com.

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