Dulce María takes our #esinevitable campaign to her performance at Premios Juventud

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Dulce María was the closing act of Premios Juventud on July 15th in Miami, where she took on the stage for an upbeat rendition of her first single “Inevitable”, from her debut solo album “Extranjera”. To accompany her show, background screens displayed countless tweets from fans as part of InPulse Digital Marketing’s successful campaign “Tell Dulce María what’s inevitable for you”. The action integrated a Twitter hashtag (#esinevitable) with Facebook, so that fans could see each other’s comments. Hispanic social media agency InPulse Digital Marketing and Dulce María go way back. We first started working with the young artist when she was part of the hit teen group RBD. At that time, we created RBD's web site (http://www.grupo-rbd.com), with which we achieved 1,500,000 unique visits per month, 600,000 subscribers and 2,000,000 forum posts. Today, Dulce María is all grown up and, once again, we’re part of her success. Our campaign achieved 3,100 clicks to buy in iTunes, 87, 000 new fans and more than 10,000 Facebook comments, 64,000 new followers in Twitter and an agressive grassroots campaign which increased traffic to the promotion through non-traditional media by 20%. To check out this outstanding digital and onstage synergy, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seg05OjB8Hg

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