Balboa Records website grows 450% in 12 months

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Just over 12 months ago, Balboa Records, the largest independent latin music label in the US, hired InPulse Digital for the development of their Spanish website and ongoing maintenance of online communications. InPulse Digital created a brand new site as well as new tools including MySpace, Facebook and YouTube channels. E-cards, flyers and newsletters are now sent on a regular basis to the industry. InPulse Digital also implemented a catalog, with over 1,500 products from the Balboa and Musart catalog and Radio programmers can download high quality audio from an integrated secure site. Visitors can also buy Balboa products through the Amazon store. Google Analytics reports the following changes when comparing with the year before: Monthly page views grew 450% Average time on site grew from 20 seconds to over 3 minutes. Visitors exiting the site dropped by 50%

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