Teens get less private and less tolerant on social networks

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Whether it’s a picture, their phone number, their hometown, or even their school name, teens are sharing significantly more private information than they were 6 years ago, according to a new study by the PEW Research Institute. This trend happens despite an increasing number of them claiming diminished interest in the network due to over-sharing by their friends, the “stressful drama” (discussions, fights and gossip) there, and a growing number of adults using it.

Twitter is still far behind Facebook on teen usage, but growing at a fast pace, with 24% of all online teens using the network, up from 16% in 2011. As opposed to Facebook, over 60% of teen Twitter users have their accounts set to “Public”.

The study also shows that younger teens’ online social circles are likely to be very similar to their offline ones, while as they grow older, they become more likely to include in their circle people they haven’t met in person, or people outside the immediate circle.

As far as user satisfaction is concerned, social media sites in general are mostly viewed as positive by teens. But, oddly enough, Facebook scores lower than Instagram and Twitter when it comes to giving users an enjoyable experience (despite having a lot more user). Or... may be it is because it has so many users?

Read the full report findings at http://bit.ly/19Cp4lp

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