Pinterest: Should I Care?

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Usually, we would advise you let a new network grow and see if any real marketing opportunities are available that make it worth the time and money invested.  But with Pinterest, the opportunities are already there for you to take advantage of them. These are a few facts about the network you should consider:

  • Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network today and with over 105 million users, it is also the third most popular behind Facebook and Twitter.
  • Over 1.5 million users spend an average 15 minutes on Pinterest every day. Users consisting mostly of females in the 18 to 34 age range
  • About 10 million Pinterest users are Facebook-connected
  • Only 20% of all content on Pinterest is generated by users. The other 80% is re-pinned by users, giving brands who are willing to offer the user mass new content a great opportunity to get a competitive advantage.
  • Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks beginning 2012 with just 153,000 user and growing up to 1.3 million by April. According to ComScore, Brazil has 27,8% of regional users, followed by Mexico (16.1%) and Argentina (10.2%). Puerto Rico has the most engaged Pinners,  with users averaging 24.3 minutes a day in April, followed by Argentina (15.3 mins) and Mexico (12.1 mins).

Even though you can take the same approach marketers took in the early Facebook days and basically trade follows and pins for prizes or discounts, Pinterest today calls for a much more organic approach to branding and interaction. Integrate your branding strategy and voice into quality content that users can relate to, by telling stories people will share. If properly linked and tagged, Pinterest can help increase traffic to sites exponentially and improve positioning on the web. As with any other new network, it’ll be a while before standardized marketing practices are accepted, but this brings great opportunities for those marketers willing to innovate. Here are a few examples of brands who are taking the advertising plunge in the new network: - Kotex took full advantage of the large female user base on Pinterest and the visual and design aspects of it for their Inspiration Day campaign. - Cosmetics manufacturer Sephora, also took full advantage of Pinterest’ large female user base with their “Color Wash” campaign. They kept it simple by asking users to create a Board with the name of the campaign and pin images and contents of the brand products with their favorite color. A simple, yet, highly effective way to spread the brand and its products throughout the network. - Honda’s very original “Pintermission” campaign targeted the top 5 influencers in the network and offered them $500 to stop pinning for a day and go out for a day filled with all the things they pinned about. The reason for choosing Pinterest? The campaign was linked with the launch of Honda’s new female-oriented vehicle, the CR-V. What the future holds in store for Pinterest as far as brand marketing goes, is hard to tell yet, but one thing’s for sure, you can’t afford to overlook it and brush it off as a fad just yet. While it all plays out, you may start by creating a Pinterest profile for your company, like we did: ***

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