Diego Prusky featured in Brando Magazine’s latest cover story on Shakira: “The Taste of Success”

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Today’s business model is certainly changing fast when it comes to labels and music acts in general, and artists like Shakira and InPulse Digital clients, who understand and embrace these changes, are reaping the benefits. That’s what the latest cover-story of Argentinian magazine, Brando, for which Diego Prusky was interviewed as a digital marketing specialist, is about. According to InPulse Digital President, “Today, no one buys music if they don’t know the artist and if they don’t have the chance to interact with him/her. Just having good music does not guarantee success as an artist. You need charisma and that will show through in your social media interaction.” Furthermore, “No label will sign an artist with no international projection, with no self-management abilities, with no Facebook profile, and without a minimal social follower base. They don’t have the money or the will to do it.” Check out the cover story at http://www.conexionbrando.com/1353755-numero-62---marzo-2011

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